Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 26th Meeting

Tonight we didn't really have a lesson.  We mostly just used the time to get some kind of schedule figured out.  So this is something that Anne found a while back and I thought it was helpful.  Go to and you can download a list of EWG's 2010 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides.  It's a list of the best and worst fresh produce found with pesticides on or in them.  It made me think twice when I went shopping!  Have a really great week everyone!

Friday, October 22, 2010

October 19th Meeting

So sorry it's taken me a couple of days to get this posted here!  So Amy gave the lesson and found a great article from weight watchers.  It's really great.  Things are going well with the competition.  Some really great competitiveness is coming about!  Everyone has got their work cut out for themselves!  Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12th Meeting

Tonights topic is again on Motivation, because I'm the one trying to find the articles.  We haven't been very good at delegating this task at our meetings lately!  So that's what I need for this week. 

Motivation: Finding the Fire Within

by Joanne Bednar
Finding the motivation to change your body should be easy to do if you just look on the surface. It is really easy to say "I need to go on a diet" after eating a whole pizza by yourself, or "wow, she looks so thin....I am going to start exercising on Monday". But truly finding that motivation deep within yourself is not quite so simple. Sometimes we must peel back a few layers to find that burning desire.
Choose Your Role Model
One way to get motivated is by finding a idol, so to speak. So you're green with envy because your friend just lost 50 pounds? Don't put her down by saying she'll gain it all back within a year. Congratulate her and really mean it! Losing weight is hard work--no matter how you look at it. Use her as an example for yourself and be reassured by her success that you can succeed as well!
I am inspired whenever I see an Olympic athlete. The dedication required to train as long and as hard as competitive athletes do is remarkable. Maybe your role-model will be your next door neighbor with three kids who still manages to wake up at 5 am everyday to get a morning jog in before they all wake up. Inspiration is all around you if you are open to it.
Get Out the Photo Album
Another way to find that fire within yourself is to get out the photo album. Seeing pictures of yourself when you were in better shape is very motivating. Take a few of these pictures and place them where you can easily get to them. Then, visualize yourself at that weight again, and be confident that you can get that body back with some hard work and dedication. For some of you this might be difficult to do because in a way it is proof you have let things get out of hand.
I have a roll of pictures I kept throughout my fat years, and I remember pulling them out from time to time and crying because I used to look so fit and healthy. But take the attitude that you WILL get back to where you were, and let old pictures push you towards your goal instead of further away.
Re-educate Yourself
If you still think that working out involves a sauna, aluminum foil sweat suit, and a thigh master, then you need to re-educate yourself. Read as much as you can get your hands on about weight loss and fitness. The fitness industry is so dynamic that advice changes as quickly as the seasons.
Good sources of information include: fitness magazines, books, the Internet, and even some cable television network channels. One of the main reasons I buy fitness magazines is because of the success stories profiling women who have actually achieved their goal weights and are keeping it off! Keeping open to suggestion is great, but be aware of the controversial information out there and understand that there are no magical or quick fixing solutions.

Also an update on our competition.  There are now 12 participating.  So what I'd like for everyone to do is to comment on this post and tell us what you'll do with the $240 you'll win when you lose the most percentage of weight.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 5th Meeting

Tonight's topic is from an article I found on  It's about making over (and not the knocking down walls and painting kind!) your kitchen to set you up for success!  Is Your Kitchen Due for a Makeover? talks about what to keep and to toss and some great tips on organizing your cupboards for success. 

Also tonight is the official start to our friendly competition.  Myself, Amy, Diane, Mary Lou, Anne, Kevin (my brother, Anne's husband), Holly, Heather (Both my sisters), Linda (my mom), and Melanie have all commited to doing the challenge!  I'm so excited!  If you'd still like to join in let me know.  The more the merrier! 

Have a great week.